Farmhouse “Agriturismo Il Muto di Gallura”


Traditional gastronomy and proverbial welcome


“portatemi ad Aggius: e fatemi una capanna in un bosco di sòveri là sul Tummeu Sotza, ch’io veda il golfo e tutto il lido insino alla Maddalena, ch’io sia svegliato ogni alba dal Gallo di Gallura.”

(take me to Aggius: and build me a hut in a wood of cork, there on the Tummeu Sotza mount, that I may see the gulf and all the shore as far as La Maddalena, that I may be awakened every dawn by the Gallura rooster.)

 Gabriele  D’Annunzio
(Italian poet)

Thus recited the poet when describing the environment in which the farm is immersed.

Aggius, an ancient village rich in culture, Sardinian traditions, genuine gastronomy and renowned wines is located in the heart of Gallura, a few kilometers from Tempio Pausania, 40 minutes from Olbia and 50 from Sassari, and only 20 min. from the sea.

The surrounding landscape is characterized by rolling hills and dramatic granite mountains. Aggius is protected by the mistral wind, sheltered by the famous mountains that also inspired D’Annunzio, one of the best known Italian poet.

The Agriturismo il Muto di Gallura has been located right here since 1987, one of the first in Sardinia. In the hills, between the mountains and the sea, just 20 minutes.